The artist’s mind’s eye

In the throes of life, an artist happens to be picturing something in their mind, and wishes to translate that to paper. It may have arrived ‘through the ceiling’ as it was; or in the other words it just popped into their mind. It could come from observation of the real world; a landscape, a person; a thing. But like a camera the artist has a snap shot in their mind of something they want to put onto canvas or in a novel.

If the artist is a painter, whatever is in their mind becomes an image that is put on canvas. It is an image of what the artist sees in the mind. If the artist is a writer, whatever is in their mind becomes a scene in a novel or an article.

The painter may paint the image one-dimensionally or two-dimensionally. I think it’s limiting to paint in one dimension, like taking whatever was in one’s mind and representing it in one dimension. All a one-dimensional painting does is show us a flat scene; one thing happens like walking down the street and that’s all one does. But using one’s imagination can heighten how the image appeals to the imagination of whoever is looking at the painting.

Such as taking two images that one has painted and combining them in another image. Instead of seeing a dog bark and a black hole in space, one combines these images and sees a dog coming out of a black hole, barking. That’s when an image becomes two-dimensional. It leaves one wondering, what happened to the dog to come out of a black hole? Same with writing: juxtapose two images together to make another one that is imaginatively stimulating. This could also be the image of the dog coming out of a black hole, barking; just written.

When I was drawing doddles in class, my drawing might have never developed further if I did not take the time to think about how I could make my doodles more interesting.

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