The story goes on

The response was reasonably positive from the editor, as he speculated on using the article sent him, at some stage in the future. The article’s done and dusted, now waiting.


Review, revisiting, whatever ya call it

Revisiting a story I have been working on, on and off, over several years. The part reviewed today sounds okay, but could be better. Overall, the story has made significant progress since I first begun. Meanwhile, republishing at Pete’s articles every week now rather than every day so have more time to spend on storytelling.


Different versions of a scene can be helpful, but the first may be best

If there are different versions of the same scene, or they are written differently, one can see the differences between the versions and see which is best.

Sometimes, the original scene can be better in comparison to the second or third version.

Sometimes, one gets too involved with the original scene and edits too much.

Comparing a second version of a scene with the first version of the scene may prove the first is better.