“The media are becoming more secular, more worldly, more sensational, more down market, and, therefore, more unchristian then ever”

‘The medium and me’: Remembering a Christian in the newspaper industry

Former New Zealand Herald journalist Garth George was a ‘Christian in the media’.

When he officially retired from full time secular journalism, he edited non-denominational newspaper Challenge Weekly for two years and continued writing his weekly column for the New Zealand Herald. He was fired from the New Zealand Herald in 2011 citing that the newspaper was heading in a new direction. Continue reading

Something light and fancy free – these angry birds I see

The Angry Birds Movie

Released May 20, 2016

There is no doubt that The Angry Birds Movie, this avian animated comedy, was aimed at the pockets of family audiences, and in that vein, one should have asked if this was worthy of family audiences. In my view, it is not—there are better family films about. Angry Birds does not come into the same league as Up or The Wilderness Family. Angry Birds is raucous entertainment tame enough for younglings who’d soak it up, but should families see it? It depends if you like your family entertainment more on the edge or more on the gentler side. Angry Birds is for the former. Continue reading

The outlook of A.I – what will it be?

Do we need more technology? More artificial intelligence is on the horizon, but will it be the much-hyped ogre, and a tower of babel, yet turns out to be innocuous. What’s it going to look like? Artificial intelligent quiz show contestants? Would that be commercially viable as viewers don’t love them? Or just another television curiosity we can live with and be amused by?

I got this one because someone in the vicinity is a Deanna Durbin aficionado

Can’t Help Singing

Released December 29, 1944

Its comedy is dated by now—the old nicking off with someone’s trunk on the false pretence that the man nicking it is a fun loving good old boy—just does not hold stick these days but refreshing all the same for the innocence of another time. Continue reading

This was a suitable film I saw in a reference book and was free to view on legit sites

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

First released in Los Angeles, United States, November 20, 1972

Later released in London, England, December 4, 1972

(Source IMDB)

This adaptation of the famous tale has Alice emerging from her reverie which brings a revitalization of life as she steps back into the real world. Alice daydreamed an underworld of talking animals and fantastic surroundings. The young Alice is quite taken, and the friendly critters would not do any harm. A series of adventures take place as Alice moves from one to another with sweet-natured abandon then awakens somehow refreshed and restored. Continue reading

Prophet who spoke at Wellington church heralded from the States

Ministry successful targeting unchurched people

2000. A pastor and prophet from the United States, Mike Berry, visited New Zealand last month. He was in New Zealand for three days to visit with Rock City Church senior pastor Anthony Walton, of Wellington, and spoke at the Church. Continue reading

I should watch this movie and I did, something that promised a Christian flick

6 Below

Released October 13, 2017

6 Below is the true story of Eric LeMarque’s ordeal in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Western United States. This movie is based on LeMarque’s book relaying his experience on the mountain ranges, written with Davin Seay, called Crystal Clear. Continue reading

Me and my computer

On the writing front, me and my computer have submitted two devotionals to a place when my devotions have been accepted before. Several other devotions were rejected at other times, some accepted at other times. I think the latest ones are strong and I have more confidence to submit to them because of last week’s preliminary acceptance of another one I did a month ago.  But only submit when the material comes together well.

Urgent message

Why did Jesus say to preach the one message about him? Because, I think, by the time I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say, one person may not hear the lifesaving message of being saved from an eternity in hell. If someone tells the message that one is supposed to, then just in time before they move on more will hear, potentially get saved from hell, and receive eternal life. There are no missing souls. – Pete’s Quotes

“Lifestyles, values, and self-perceptions of most American adults have undergone change” — Barna Research

American faith trends opportunity for Christian community

2002. More than two out of three American adults and more than four out of five teenagers believe that truth is always relative to the individual and circumstances, according to Californian-based Barna Research. Surveys conducted in 2002 revealed that most of these people describe themselves as followers of Jesus Christ and say that the Bible is accurate in all its teachings. Continue reading

Re: Hobbies: The comfort of parts, the dread of the ‘big picture’

Such a comfort is the thought that one can engage in a part of something rather than feeling the dread of committing to the big picture. Commitment is good, but when it comes to hobbies there can be such a wide reach of doing everything involved, such a dread and loathing in that. But joy is found in only engaging a component of it, one that just fits nicely.

Online writing update

On the online writing front, I have made it of boot camp at Hub Pages and now have ten featured articles there, mostly longer format film reviews. The reviews are of Apocalypse Now, A.I., The Black Hole, Arrival, Amadeus, Birdman of Alcatraz, and Annie. Also got some promising news on the online devotional front in that a devotional is being seriously considered for publication on a website. Some say it is only one devotion, but that is a negative viewpoint. Others say that to even get into some places in the arts is an achievement.

A difference between progressive and orthodox teaching

Is it true–that one can still worship God in hell? It based on a verse in the Bible where one reads into the verse without the context. The verse being that “if I made my abode in the depths, you would still be there”. Which means, they claim, God’s presence can still be felt in hell and so God can be worshipped.

A pastor has said he would still worship God if he went to hell. I thought I wouldn’t. No one in hell has testified to this as no one has come back to tell us and it is not true in the Bible which is the Christian’s book. Even a casual reading of the Bible shows otherwise. Continue reading

What’s up?

When someone says to me, what’s up, I immediately think that the assumption they are making is negative. But it is a way of bonding — what’s on your mind in other words. Getting to know someone. The negative is that your life is crumbling away at the seams and that’s what’s up. Wouldn’t tell anyone that if they asked me what’s up. Anyhow, it’s not crumbling away at the seams. I guess other people may assume that, but I don’t know. Why do we need to tell each other about our lives and what’s happening to complete and utter strangers even workmates who don’t know you from a bar of soap. Why tell your readers about your life? There is more control writing to an audience, but when you are put on the spot, that’s different. Then people see what’s going on unless you are great at poker faces and pretending. Personally, I am judicious as to what I reveal as the assumption being made, so I think, so someone is saying is your life crumbling apart at the seams and can I help? What can I do to make you better? In the end, it’s just conversation and getting to know you. What’s up? “Mind your own business,” is the answer.

Where were you in 2004 — would a fantasy film win Best Picture for the first time?

Hot favourite for Oscars

2004. A fantasy film has never won the Academy Award for best picture, but this year looks likely to set a precedent. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King topped the list of Academy Award nominations following the film’s strong showing during award season in Hollywood. Continue reading

Boot camp

This week I’ve been in boot camp. No, it’s one of those boot camps. But it’s writing boot camp at Hub Pages.

I’d darn better say good things about Hub Pages. Their writing boot camp forced me to go further with my articles by expanding them out into their acceptable word length of 700–1,250 words and for the article to be featured, you must pass the quality assessment process which is an incentive to do a better job. Boot camp improved my works that were already at a longish length.

I have found a theme with the articles I am publishing there, and the theme is the outstanding films of any year reviewed. I go with films that motivate me in some way, so I write at length and in depth about them.

I would like to know how their statistics work so will investigate further.

What better feeling than a pleased one, on seeing “Babe” back in the day


Released August 4, 1995

Just like a nursery rhyme, Australian film, “Babe”, is about a farm pig who thinks he is a sheep dog. After being won by farmer Arthur Hoggett (interesting name) at a fair, the pig Babe embarks on a journey and makes friends and enemies of a bestial nature in the process. Great entertainment, “Babe” is winner of Best Comedy at the Golden Globes this year and a box office hit.

(Certificate G)

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers.

Published 1996, GiveWay.

Gandalf beats Potter in 2002

Rings – Potter 13 – 3

2002. The Academy award nominations were announced on February 12 with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring grabbing thirteen nominations. The Lord of the Rings, based on Catholic author J.R Tolkien’s trilogy of novels about good versus evil, was filmed in New Zealand during the late 1990’s and beginning of the millennium. Nominations for the film include Best Picture, Director (for Peter Jackson) and Supporting Actor for Sir Ian McKellen as wizard Gandalf. Continue reading

Today’s pet peeve is middle of the road blues

I was in a middle of the road church. They still had principals, and even encouraged if not ‘enforced’ them, but when it came to the faith, it was middle of the road. I realized though that the faith is not middle of the road. Jesus preached turning away from lifestyles of sin and putting one’s faith in him. The gospel of Jesus is a radical thing. One is told to follow him. So, a church is middle of the road to attract more people, but it does not explain the gospel, the basis of the faith. So, middle of the road is an annoying problem as it’s not the gospel.

All considered, but not all chosen

I’ve been reading and my reading cast a thought. That music is significant in the lives of others. It could equally apply to movies. I’ve heard it before, and I considered it again and it became more inspirational this time. That if movies are a significant reality in people’s lives, then I as a reviewer and writer of film must relate to this reality and do so genuinely. Hence, I have changed my review category to be called “review mix” in that various films, music and books are considered. However, although I may consider all movies, in the end I do not choose every single one.

Back in 1998: at the Oscars, would it be night of “Titanic”?

Oscar mania

1998. Within the typical Hollywood environment of movie deals and money making comes an event that pats the best filmmakers and artists that year on the back. It seems innocent enough. It’s all about celebrating, partying down, and giving out awards (and some artists really do deserve them). Because of this glamorous night Oscar winners are certain to accrue more money from moviegoers to go into producers’ accounts. It is really an advertisement to one billion people worldwide. It’s the Oscars. Continue reading

Preparing devotional books in my mind’s eye

I have enough devotions for the equivalent of a book’s worth of devotions, one month’s worth, but with the second book, another month’s worth, there is still some editing and additional writing to be done. I am writing and editing at this stage. I am thinking of publishing though.

I took “Imagine” one way back in the day and another more recently


Released September 9, 1971.

EMI Records released a digital remaster of the 1971 album “Imagine” (by John Lennon) in 2010. The album contains the famous song “Imagine” which is used in the film “The Killing Fields”, but Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror is a better place to start if we want to change the world. Continue reading

The spiritual life is an answer to being ‘left behind’

What’s on my mind devotionally this week is a verse of scripture that is in the gospel. Jesus said: “Better to enter into life maimed than to have you whole body thrown into hell.”

The spiritual life Jesus offers is also an antidote to feeling left behind in life. Continue reading

Promised much but failed to deliver in huge doses. This was just last year.

Can’t Buy a Thrill

Released November 1972.

Written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. The vocals are by Fagen, Becker, David Palmer, and Jim Hodder. Donald Fagen also played piano, electric piano and the plastic organ, Walker Becker played electric bass guitar, and Jim Hodder played drums and percussion, with Jeff Baxter (guitar) and Danny Dais (guitar). Gary Katz produced the album. Can’t Buy a Thrill boast the most interesting lyrics and perspectives of 1972. Continue reading

The word with those connotations: ‘sly’

The Word for Today is ‘sly’. It means having a nature that is cunning and deceitful. The key here is in the nature, otherwise the meaning of the word would fall. Without cunning and deceitful emanating from a nature, sly would just be cunning and deceitful but that can’t exist by itself. Somone is cunning and deceitful. Someone is sly. Sly is an adjective so it describes an inner nature. Someone exists or lives in that nature. He is sly.

I always have a reservation about this word because it implies a bad or wrong centered nature. But is describes a reality. Sometimes there are people we may come across that are sly which is scary. But sly is a word I keep at a distance and use it rarely as the word must fit the character, the story, the sentence, etc.

Children reviewing films

Can a child review entertainment? We were asked to review Gandhi. Gandhi is a “mature” film, but the kids wanted to watch E.T. and The Dark Crystal. But could we have reviewed those fantasy films let alone Gandhi and reviewed them effectively? It can be done, by some. Continue reading

This one was first on my list to see, one which I saw and quietly accepted

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Released January 14, 1944.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is at a basic level a story of revenge. Yet we see plenty of classical style action, adventure, love, and honour. It is a romantic style film. Based on the Arabian Nights tale, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was released on January 14, 1944, which puts it among the Golden Era of Hollywood filmmaking. I would like to see a Christian film with the same premise, where an Arabian Tales paced-epic is transported to a Christian-based romantic adventure. Continue reading

It’s not unusual

The weather here is not typical for the season. But it has happened at this time a few times before in the last decade or so, so although untypical, is not unusual. I would like to see what happens in three weeks. Going by the times before, we should get more typical seasonal weather then. If not, it would set a precedent.

What’s on my mind devotionally

What a disaster before me! I might have thought of a gospel verse because of hearing about all the slew of events taking place in the world and how the world is crumbling but is this a reaction to media input or reality. Not only are there stories on major disasters, but people caught up in the middle of them. Continue reading

Update: devotional writing

Eventually got around to writing a devotional this week, and am thinking about how to publish the devotions I have, as one publisher cannot work with me due to their way of doing things (i.e. delivery of renumeration), so have thought of self-publishing e-books. But I will check out traditional publishers first to see if there are any others that are suitable.

Creation chorus: begin again

The creation


Six days unveiled the fresh green earth, the deep blue sea;

A display to behold of cosmic beauty.

Land and ocean rising in symphony.


At the end of each day, God’s greatness turned a page

And the earth resounded in God’s good grace.


God’s own, Adam and Eve, agreed; and

With a heart full of God’s undying love,

They celebrated the wonders they see.



A temptation and fall


In a garden of paradise, came a temptation.

From a certain one who

Fell to earth just in time for Creation.


Thrown out of heaven for wanting

To make the world in his image

And not God’s own, The Devil, once an angel,

Found a way to get into creation, and worm

His way into the heart of the man and woman of God


So seduced they were,

The temptation ended in a fall that poured out to everyone else,

May God grant the grace to everlasting life.


Take away the path to pain and

Prepare the way to life, again.





Jealousy ran deep and

Cain killed Abel


Blood ran from Abel’s body.


An innocent man’s blood cried out

As God said, Run, Cain, run,

You tiller of soil

The fertile ground has turned to red, cold blood.

You destroyed.


I seek an answer,

His blood calls out for justice,

A punishment so grave,

For this terrible thing you’ve done.


But may you confess and find in your heart the way out,


May you settle you in a town and

Become alive again


My son, my son,

Begin again


By Peter Veugelaers.

The truth

When objective reasoning is filtered through perception one is no longer able to tell the difference. In cricket, when it is obviously out it is obviously out and can be confirmed by a number of witnesses. Sometimes, the third umpire gets it wrong even with the benefit of hindsight. But perception has so taken over the truth.

Immediate concerns

Times are particularly challenging for many people. There’s expenses and the cost of living. One worries about money and where it’s coming from. Can one afford it anymore? One must get another job, another career, but just a job is enough, as one can’t afford a career at the moment. It appears we don’t live in prosperous times now. They say it gets better. That the good times will come. But not looking in the future, leaves you with the immediacy of the present. One focusses on the now. That’s real rather than the future. So, one decides to make the present work–somehow. One must or do the best one can.


Writers actuate. They cause a character to act in a particular way which is the meaning of actuate. In real life, there are people who would like to actuate. They would like to have you act in a particular way. Sometimes, they succeed. Actuate is one of those action-orientated words that describes the way of the writer on a character and the way of a person on somebody else. These can fuse to produce a story that is realistic–the actual manipulation of a human being as a character in a story. These can make for disturbing unpleasant stories or ones where we can detach.

The outlook is better

How does one respond to recent events such as the last three years? One mustn’t blame. It was his fault or someone’s fault. But if one survived and can see an opportunity in the mess, then one comes out with a better outlook and attitude than without. Adversity can make one see life anew. If one finds trouble, one adjusts their temperament to survive. One does not give up but can turn over with a view to stay alive and live. One can even think about how they relate to the Creator: what is my relationship with the Creator of the world like? How can I draw closer to God during adversity?

Redisturbed on trend?


What about recycled movies? Or a haunting little masterpiece and something more mysterious? What was 10 Cloverfield Lane (Pictured)? Redisturbed on trend? Another in a long list of disturbing movies? A thrill? A pill? A chill? A fill? You wouldn’t want to meet the disturbed character in this not that we could. Run a mile away, but watch from a safe distance, while it’s trending. Art. Don’t waste. Recycle. Do it again.

Montaged to some effect

I believe in not wasting, like when it comes to food, writing, books. Use everything, reuse, don’t waste it, it means more than that. Or they tell me I’m real tidy. So, here is a montage of some photos I didn’t want to waste but had little use for them. Call it recycled art.

But is some art worth recycling?

It can be recycled all together into montaged art and a new hybrid movie. Like my montage (above)?