Sharing since 1986. This blog is where you will find Peter Veugelaers’ shares about the writing life and other things, and archives of his articles and reviews, as well as new pieces.

“My writing interests are films, music, devotions, poetry, fiction, articles (non-fiction), and books. Always aiming to expand in these areas, Pete’s Eclectic Flying Machine is where you find his writing base. He is also interested in survey taking, photography, history, surveying countries, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Bible, church-life, and blogging. In my teens and young adult life, I was an active athlete: cricket, swimming, athletics, and running. I have an unfortunate habit: coffee.” 

Peter says: 

I love using words and expressing and articulating my thoughts in stories, reviews, articles, poetry, and other kinds, and in chatting about writing. My first publications were the high school magazine and the national youth newspaper. From there I published in Reality, GiveWay (Later called Transmission), Crosslink, Kid’s Highway, Entertainmentnutz.com, Challenge Weekly, Daystar, The Dominion Post, The Evening Post, Otago Daily Times, Eco-Living, Cutting Edge, Communiqué, Christian Herald, Church Times, Good News Paper, Wel-Com, Youth Worker, Anglican Taonga, Faces Mag, Beliefnet, The Secret Place, and the Upper Room devotional. 

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Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com