Reading for leisure

Plowing through reading a book as your primary research is easier than going the hard lengths of internet and library research.

My research was quite simple, so I bypassed the rigors of thorough research. My research was all done for fun by simply reading a book.

If you’re researching for fun, I mean, you’re not being paid, and it is a labor of love, there is also the pains of labour in it. Which means it is no longer fun.

So, there’s a time to make fun actually fun: read the book for leisure instead.

Just reading for leisure, without taking notes, sounded so much better.

So I spent a little time reading the same book I read for research and read it for leisure. I didn’t regret it.


A good quick read

Read my first Star Wars comic book adventure, probably coming hot off the heels of the Star Wars buzz over the last few years. “Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes” (2010) is a brisk, fun read, and it amazes me how well the writer organized his theme to make it sound so resonate at the end. And Yoda is a lot of fun in this.

Give a book a chance

As I was talking to someone about a Star Wars book I had ordered, which, by the way is a ” special” Star Wars book, the momentum of the conversation made me think about the Star Wars: Aftermath books I haven’t finished reading. So, I felt like reading them.

I was inspired, as per usual, but my rationale for wanting to was that I don’t like to waste and I like to finish the job, in this case not a real job, but finish the job metaphorically speaking. I had to finish the book. This despite the book losing its luster for me about a month or so ago. The lesson: when one has hit the wall with a book, give it some time, and then the wall may come crumbling down, somehow.

The aftermath of Aftermath

Been catching up on Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt, the second in the post Return of the Jedi novel trilogy (Yes, this trilogy is all book, not movie). Three-thirds in to reading Life Debt, I found my mind wandering, the lustre of this novel was replaced by the mundane. It caused a life changing decision or at least caused me to think twice about continuing to read this trilogy. I decided to put this trilogy to rest and had a life affirming revelation. The deeper less candy-coated Star Wars fiction is better.

Liking serials not a fine science

I love the idea of a serial of books, the epical feel of a serial.

A serial is about the same characters in a long or short series of adventures. Even if the number of books is overwhelming, a serial’s “aura” attracts one to the whole package irrespective of how long it takes to read each book in a serial.

What is this apparent “aura”? What makes one buy a particular serial and read one book after another until the serial is finished, and then there is another book in the serial coming out to look forward to? Is it the cover of the first part? Or is it the covers of all the parts with a distinctive signature look? Is it the look of a character’s face? A special effect, perhaps? Or is it the title, like “The Adventures of Saint and the Leopard and the…” and so on. Perhaps something bizarre?

In the end it comes down to how one connects to the product and this is not a fine art or a fine science. It just happens.

I had a whole slew of Hardy Boys books. But I didn’t read them. The impression is what counted in this case. The appearances counted even as the reading of them didn’t. The mystique or “aura” of the serial mattered even as the series of book remained on the book shelf, unread. However, one can sit down and just read it, some day. To take the plunge. But whatever it was like reading it, serials will always remain mysteriously etched on my mind as something special.

Coming down to what’s main

Star Wars: Aftermath is getting tighter at the midway point of the story. This novel started with variety, but now the story is converging to focus on what’s main. It makes for interesting reading.

For me, the beauty of enjoying the novel for all that it’s worth is to take breaks between chapters. After a day away from the book, something that sounded lacking one day, sounds better on another day.

Not trying to be anything more

We all know those moments in stories when something “unbelievable” happens. They make us groan. It couldn’t have happened like that, one says about the implausible touch or scene. It’s balanced out with the much required “realism”, more or less.

These kind of moments come quick and fast at end of chapter fourteen in Star Wars: Aftermath, which is what I have been reading. Though it’s more on the unbelievable side than the realistic side, it is still a punchy fast paced piece of rousing entertainment which is not trying to be anything more.

Sharp and punchy this one

Finished part one of the post-Return of the Jedi story Star Wars: Aftermath (2015) and am onto part two. I was feeling this Aftermath may be repetitive, it’s labyrinthine plot not moving along. But just as I was feeling it was dragging along, it becomes compelling again. Perhaps it’s a subtle plot so far, but that does not detract mostly. It’s still compelling and keeps you guessing where it’s going to head. It’s a good read, sharp and punchy, this mass market paperback.