Lessons of rejection: belief

Rejection can be a task master making you try harder, be different, fit in, conform, and do what will make you feel accepted. In writing, this may make the writer try to perform. But, acceptance is another story. If your story is accepted as is, for what it is, and published just as it is, then you are blessed. You don’t have to do anything different or more to be accepted by a publisher. But what happens if some kind of work of yours gets continually rejected? Maybe you don’t know why you are writing something and even if you did and got rejected it wouldn’t matter–because you know why you are doing it.

Personally, I have found the key is to find security in why I am writing something, then any amount of rejection won’t matter. It’s the harder path to come to realize why I want to write something, but the one which says, I don’t have to write in this another way, because I know why I am writing this. Who cares about rejection!

3 thoughts on “Lessons of rejection: belief

      • Just had a quick look again at that post and, yeah, it’s true, but I’d qualify it with do my your upmost best and then the security in one’s work kicks in, at least for me. For me, this may cause a problem, as I can often think, is it good enough as it is? I guess for me I will know what sounds better and what does not. It just sounds better. I should always strive for that sound before sending off a novel to a publisher. But then again, what is one person’s food is another’s poison. But there is that feeling in a writer when something just fits. You just know it.


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