Looking on the positive

A view to the positive while being realistic, a healthy balance, which can get out of whack.


Commitment level

Parts of the writer’s life are as follows: desire to write, research, writing, promotion of a book, and there may be others. Each part requires commitment, but it may be that a writer finds commitment easier in one part than another. For example, does one have enough sense of  entitlement to promote one’s book? Is one committed to the promotion? I guess if there is any hint of reservation in any of these parts then it may be best not to do it and don’t waste a publisher’s or your own time. Sick to what one is committed to and work the rest out from there.

Endings and beginnings

A few years ago I had the urge to pursue Christian publications overseas, after realizing that the other genres I was pursuing wasn’t working. I prayed that if this is what God wanted me to do, it would come about, and it did, in terms of Christian-based articles and pieces like that. The last five years has been encouraging in that there has been work for me in the Christian genre. Now, a few doors are always open to me to submit work, but apart from this, the Christian writing I started five years ago, is complete for this period of my writing and there is nothing new to pursue in terms of Christian articles and those types of writings. I thought about religious book publishers, but books are on the backburner for me if not at all. At the moment, I’m looking into another genre, or genres, to see what happens with submissions to those, and continue blogging. Maybe star in a musical.

Never say die

With three publishers wanting to see my work, you’d think I’d be happy about that. Well, I am, but it’s just three isn’t it? It’s casual writing work. Short writing or thereabouts. Like it. Would like more avenues but am grateful for what’s in the writing department.

With avenues for writers scarce in the religious genre, the younger ones are being promoted.  Did a lot back in the day when the publishers were still going. Hope the younger ones do well.

May just find something else as well. So I keep the possibility open. Have two websites I use for information on publishing somewhere else.

With the thought of possibility, one may never let the possibility die. Opportunities may come and go, but possibility can be forever, whatever happens. Because one thinks, what if? Then you keep on going.

A surprise

In a former post, I wrote about the many rejections I got from one publisher and coming to the end of it I stopped submitting.

What I didn’t mention is that they have at least one of my articles on hold, possibly two articles for another day.

I didn’t think they would use them because they had been sitting with the publisher for over two years.

This week, I received notification on an article. It is going to be published soon–in December this year.