I should watch this movie and I did, something that promised a Christian flick

6 Below

Released October 13, 2017

6 Below is the true story of Eric LeMarque’s ordeal in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Western United States. This movie is based on LeMarque’s book relaying his experience on the mountain ranges, written with Davin Seay, called Crystal Clear. Continue reading

Grist to the mill

I have seven devotional ideas to write into devotions, with probably more inspired by my readings each day. I don’t like to have devotional ideas on the back burner, because I like to have nothing devotional pending on any given day. Ideally, I like to write a devotion a day based on being inspired by my Bible reading that day! But I have seven devotions pending…Is there such a thing as being over-inspired? It’s nice to start on a blank page. With nothing to call a “workload” or “catch up”. But I’m not complaining about that. Grist to the mill!