A calm spirit is better

This week writing has been writing a devotion based on old notes of my bible reading, a humor piece that I completed and submitted, and a significant revise of a poetry.

Patience and time is a key to working on pieces, though one may be tempted to get the work done fast, so one can move on to the next thing. No, don’t do that. A calm spirit is better. Patience and time gets things done better.


Why read reviews?

Hypothetically speaking, some parting words from a film reviewer who aims to stop the movie habit except for a very few movies. Don’t know who this is, but it sounds good to me:

Reading reviews of movies are not really necessary if you’re looking for a film to see. All it requires is a little research. Go to imdb.com. Watch the trailer first. Does the trailer resonate? Does the trailer give you warning signs that it might not be as good as it wants to be? Read the premise. Does the premise sound all right? Check the parents guide. Is there anything that may shock you in it? We may not need film reviews at all if we just use the information at our disposal first. Judge for yourself.


Slice of life cuts to the heart

Places in the Heart (1984) unwraps as a slice of life in a community of Texas in the 1930’s, it’s leisurely paced as Edna Spaulding responds to her husband’s accidental death, making her a widow, and the community also responds. She now must avoid foreclosure on her house with the help of unlikely allies. Beautifully rendered storytelling, cinematography and cast of characters. Forgiveness and facing the world with strength and resolve is in this slice of life movie. Rating: 9/10

Commitment level

Parts of the writer’s life are as follows: desire to write, research, writing, promotion of a book, and there may be others. Each part requires commitment, but it may be that a writer finds commitment easier in one part than another. For example, does one have enough sense of  entitlement to promote one’s book? Is one committed to the promotion? I guess if there is any hint of reservation in any of these parts then it may be best not to do it and don’t waste a publisher’s or your own time. Sick to what one is committed to and work the rest out from there.

Wonderful theme for Relationships

Bebe and Cece Winans’ “Relationships” album from 1994 is more like the sense of heart and soul of their earlier albums as it’s laid to bare lyrically and soulfully. This one takes on a new theme. It is about trials and tribulations and redemption, a wonderful theme. Apart from the under-done Don’t Let Me Walk This Road Alone and the overdone We Can Make a Difference, it’s evenly spread in soft, smooth and cool, and effective even in low-key and on occasion hitting it through the roof. Rating: 8/10

Good quality album all over

Irresistible, addictive Christian R&B and soul, with one iffy moment—“I’ll trust in the blood”?—maybe a way of saying something. Different Lifestyles (1991) took Bebe and Cece Winans to a higher level of production quality and a broader thematic palette than their previous albums, creating their definitive album if not the definitive Bebe and Cece experience. On the tracks Two Different Lifestyles and Searching for Love they are at their most poignant, but on their other records they bared their soul and relationship with God more transparently. On this one they are more polished, with soft, soothing touches, seductively so. Seems to be saying that God being there and humans being here, God can still fill the void in someone’s life, which is a great theme, beautifully done. Rating: 9/10

Two wholesome movies

Wonder and The Star are at theatres this weekend. The trailer for Wonder shows me a winning attitude despite the obstacles of facial disfigurement in childhood. In fact, the boy August Pullman is a winner in this trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob7fPOzbmzE

Animation The Star is an animal focussed take on the nativity Christmas story about the birth of Jesus. The trailer is cute (unlike the Justice League trailer which has sensational visuals and a tad theology that may be debatable). The Star trailer will probably whet appetites for more among family friendly viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NjvYZtwk00