Redisturbed on trend?


What about recycled movies? Or a haunting little masterpiece and something more mysterious? What was 10 Cloverfield Lane (Pictured)? Redisturbed on trend? Another in a long list of disturbing movies? A thrill? A pill? A chill? A fill? You wouldn’t want to meet the disturbed character in this not that we could. Run a mile away, but watch from a safe distance, while it’s trending. Art. Don’t waste. Recycle. Do it again.


Montaged to some effect

I believe in not wasting, like when it comes to food, writing, books. Use everything, reuse, don’t waste it, it means more than that. Or they tell me I’m real tidy. So, here is a montage of some photos I didn’t want to waste but had little use for them. Call it recycled art.

But is some art worth recycling?

It can be recycled all together into montaged art and a new hybrid movie. Like my montage (above)?


It’s quite easy really

A Christian perspective is quite easy really when it comes to it. Sure, one can think of theological and sociological things to bring up, while the ordinary, everyday filmgoer bites into an ice cream, and popcorn flows all over the place, but a Christian perspective is just this: it is reacting or responding to a film as someone who is a Christian. It is just reacting to the material and if faith is important to a Christian then there is a reaction or response that kind of way. Personally, I give the film or whatever a chance until the end and thoughtfully respond. I just give my thoughts. If you want my Christian perspectives on films, in a refresh of my reviews, you are more than welcome here: I’d love to see you there. It’s not theological, sociological, but just how one reacts to the movie with a Christian view.


Skits and hi-jinks for ‘shock value’ makes this movie world go round

Jackass: The Movie

Released October 25, 2002

I wasn’t knowing what to expect from Jackass, having never seen the television series, but I was at least anticipating a good time. Thankfully, I have never seen the MTV series from which Jackass the Movie originally developed from. Continue reading “Skits and hi-jinks for ‘shock value’ makes this movie world go round”


Classic, foreign and Hollywood all feature on spiritually significant list

Top one hundred “spiritually significant” films

2005. First there were the Top 100 American films of the 20th century. Then followed the top one hundred cinematic comedies and thrillers. Recently, top movie songs were honoured. After lengthy discussion and debate among a group of web users, the Top 100 “spiritually significant” films ever made evolved and were announced in June this year. Continue reading “Classic, foreign and Hollywood all feature on spiritually significant list”


Reading through The Archives

The Star Wars Archives Episodes IV-VI

Paul Duncan


509 pages, hardback

AMREADING. The Star Wars Archives is about the making of the first three Star Wars films. Film historian Paul Duncan interviews the creators and cast and crew to create a narrative of the making of the films as well as include developmental material such as from first drafts of screenplays. There are plenty of photos.

Continue reading “Reading through The Archives”