Reviewing the list of words in the notebook

One of the things I have been recommended to do is to keep a notebook of words. So, I have, as this helps me learn novel words. I write down the word with a memory jogger as to its definition. But I got to review these words every so often as some will slip through the memory and be forgotten. I recommend keeping a notebook of words that one can learn and to review them every so often so one won’t forget. It can only make one understand that much better.


It stood proud: the obelisk

To not confuse “obelisk” with “Obelix”, the word “obelisk” is a stone pillar of some sort.  Obelix is a character. This kind of stone pillar narrows towards the end or gets narrower towards the end. It is tapering towards the end. Tapering simply means to get narrower.

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