What’s up?

When someone says to me, what’s up, I immediately think that the assumption they are making is negative. But it is a way of bonding — what’s on your mind in other words. Getting to know someone. The negative is that your life is crumbling away at the seams and that’s what’s up. Wouldn’t tell anyone that if they asked me what’s up. Anyhow, it’s not crumbling away at the seams. I guess other people may assume that, but I don’t know. Why do we need to tell each other about our lives and what’s happening to complete and utter strangers even workmates who don’t know you from a bar of soap. Why tell your readers about your life? There is more control writing to an audience, but when you are put on the spot, that’s different. Then people see what’s going on unless you are great at poker faces and pretending. Personally, I am judicious as to what I reveal as the assumption being made, so I think, so someone is saying is your life crumbling apart at the seams and can I help? What can I do to make you better? In the end, it’s just conversation and getting to know you. What’s up? “Mind your own business,” is the answer.