Poetry in motion

Was looking to submit a story, but on second thoughts, it’s more poetry in motion than fiction. Have two weeks before the deadline.


Don’t give up ever

The writing life is different for everyone who’s a writer–and that includes everyone who has written something, published or unpublished, or considers they are a writer because of whatever reason. (Some unpublished works are better than published).

Sometimes, experience in a field or industry counts in writing about that field of industry. Sometimes, a writer takes the bull by the horns and just writes.

Whatever way, acceptances and rejections come one’s way no matter how the writing is and what it’s about, no matter how noble or realistic and so on.

Through it all, a writer never gives up on writing, which is a writer’s default setting.



Reading week

Visceral entertainment and thought-provoking, reflection, and the off-putting: my reading week so far.

The original Star Wars novelization was the first.

The book of Job the second.

And Dante’s Divine Comedy the last.

Star Wars the novel doesn’t seem to compare to the movie, but with the movie in mind, the novel is added entertainment on top of the movie and a good read. Thought provoking in the sense that where is Luke Skywalker’s journey taking him and how? And I love the peppering of words that require a dictionary. Not that there are many.

The book of Job is reflection and a very centering one. I love it, although I admit takes a bit of effort.

But I am surprised that I officially no longer like Dante’s Divine Comedy. I have read the first part and saw the point although the poetry itself was hit and miss. I skipped the second part and went for what I thought would be the best part, Paradiso. But this is when I realized that the Divine Comedy makes some good points, but not everything stacks up for me. I’d rather read Job and the Bible for spiritual reflection. And Dante’s poetry just didn’t jell this time.

Well, that’s how my reading week may have ended, but the last passage I read was from Star Wars and I’m in the throes of taking the Divine Comedy to the second hand bookshop.

The short stuff is a dead end

It occurs to me, in a moment of reflection, that the many times I submitted to various publications over the last few years–the faith-based ones and the literary/fiction ones—came up fruitless.

Except a few publications would see my work, but I don’t have the resources for it. Nobody came to my aid this time.

Frankly I’m tired of trying. That means I won’t need to write about my movements in regards to writing anymore. This means this post is my last. But it does mean there are several other blogs I have started last month, where I will be writing.

So long but hello again. I am joining a monastery that has access to the internet and a laptop. There I will be a writer/blogster-writer and chant away.

The short stuff

I don’t like promoting my own work. That’s the way I am. I like doing the writing and would leave the marketing to others. So, I’ve been published in magazines, websites and newspapers that don’t require me to promote my work.

Back in the day when I was doing writing jobs, someone said to me that I should write a book. I was friendly towards such suggestions because in my mind that was what I was going to do. So I explored my fiction writing first before seeking out publishers and found out my ability at that stage.

When I got a grasp of the big picture of what is entailed in publishing I realized that I don’t like doing self-promotion. As I said, that’s how I am. If I was a professional sports player in another life, I would play the game, not promote myself.

This leaves me where a blog of mine a few years back started off. That blog was following my movements on writing short stuff, the articles, the items, the one paragraph devotions, and the short stories. In this pursuit, I may aim in vein, but writing the short stuff is who I am as a writer.


What one needs to remember, and that includes myself, is that film producers usually require “spec scripts” or scripts written with the intent of soliciting work.

That may come as a shock.

I’d sooner have my original story made for the big screen, but it does not work that way I come to find out.

What this means for the independent-minded writer is that he or she has to work for a producer if their spec script is approved of.

This means a writer writes what the producer needs as the producer has certain products they will produce. Not everyone does horror and science fiction. Not everyone is your thing, but some may be more up your ally.

This may leave any writer asking the same question: should one go ahead and write film and television scripts for that producer? These are choices one has to make.


Back to Dante. Yeah!

The experience of reading Dante’s Inferno made me think that the original Star Wars trilogy of books is a lighter read–for escapism and a lightness of step–compared to the heavy, hellish, grotesque imagery in Dante’s Inferno.

Having read it, I transfer my reading of Dante’s Inferno to my experience of watching the hellish Revenge of the Sith years ago.

Revenge of the Sith is not something to really enjoy like the first Star Wars trilogy. Like Inferno, it’s about a descent into hell, literally and figuratively, depending on the story.

But both make interesting points so are worth a read and a watch.

I have two translations of Dante’s Inferno. The first, which I have read, is eloquent and sometimes difficult, not an easy read. The second translation, which I am reading, is readable. The readable translation is the one I would pick over the eloquent translation because I want to follow what I am reading every step of the way. The introductions of both books are useful in their own ways.