Similar, but…

The vague possibility that one kind of story has parts that make other kinds of stories, but similar.



The thrill of it all

Someone may think that a writer is avoiding writing by posting four or five continuous film reviews, but this week has been market research day as well, for possible future endeavours and projects. One does get a thrill from deciding what publishers may fit or not. At least its not on the other foot, the other foot being mine, where publishers dispense with a submission at will.

Don’t give up ever

The writing life is different for everyone who’s a writer–and that includes everyone who has written something, published or unpublished, or considers they are a writer because of whatever reason. (Some unpublished works are better than published).

Sometimes, experience in a field or industry counts in writing about that field of industry. Sometimes, a writer takes the bull by the horns and just writes.

Whatever way, acceptances and rejections come one’s way no matter how the writing is and what it’s about, no matter how noble or realistic and so on.

Through it all, a writer never gives up on writing, which is a writer’s default setting.