The second part of the Hardy Boys: review

The House on the Cliff

By Franklin W. Dixon

Grosset & Dunlap

Published 1927

REVIEW. I know I have said I don’t like The Hardy Boys, as the second entry in the series The House on the Cliff let me down. But when I started reading the third in the series, The Secret of the Old Mill, I liked the sound of it. It made me want to review that second book The House on the Cliff. Continue reading “The second part of the Hardy Boys: review”


Dante’s twist and turning poetry

On reading Dante’s Inferno, I was looking forward to Dante’s Paradiso where the imagery of heaven prevails, I was led to believe. Inferno is a very complex poem and for literary enthusiasts of a higher level, it lacks something for the ordinary reader and the beginner poet, unless you are a genius and need no further training. I found Paradiso lacking in the spiritual imagery I desired, probably because the words and images put me at a distance. However, I still believe in paradise.


First Hardy Boys mystery tells of a not-so-distant past

The Tower Treasure

Released 1927

REVIEW. The first Hardy Boys mystery The Tower Treasure was in the words of your grandfather or great grandfather, who read the book when it came out all those years ago (almost one hundred years!), an “exciting page turner”. Continue reading “First Hardy Boys mystery tells of a not-so-distant past”


The second edition of The International Bible Commentary, an update

AMREADING. As well as my other readings, I’ve been looking into The New International Bible Commentary. The first edition was released in 1979. This second edition is part of Zondervan’s Understand the Bible Reference Series.

What’s different? The basic text used is changed from the Revised Standard Version to the New International Version (NIV).

What is it? A commentary is a verse by verse or chapter by chapter-by-chapter detailed analysis.

What do I think so far? Continue reading “The second edition of The International Bible Commentary, an update”


Reading through The Archives

The Star Wars Archives Episodes IV-VI

Paul Duncan


509 pages, hardback

AMREADING. The Star Wars Archives is about the making of the first three Star Wars films. Film historian Paul Duncan interviews the creators and cast and crew to create a narrative of the making of the films as well as include developmental material such as from first drafts of screenplays. There are plenty of photos.

Continue reading “Reading through The Archives”