When you’re driving in a car with a passenger you talk. You use words on your journey. It’s like a writer using words on their journey, to describe the present time. I intend on journaling my movements in regards to my writing, reading and perhaps offer some writerly thoughts in the process. I look forward to presenting words on the way. From Pete’s writing / Peter Veugelaers.

I am a freelance contributor and blogger

I have contributed articles and reviews to Christian-based magazines, websites and newspapers and to regional and niche newspapers, websites and magazines. A number of these publications have shut up shop.

Since starting my writerly journal blogs–in their various guises such as this blog–and as I have briefly recorded my writerly movements, I don’t know what will eventuate in the future and if I will have the steam. But that still means I can post “stuff” here and at my other blogs while submitting to publishers. It’s like a journey into reality and if my fantasy for the next twenty years of writing will catch up.