Newsletter volume one: ‘At the moment…’

Review work

The general writing at Hub Pages is coming along well. My film reviews have expanded to 700 words or more so this is pleasing to my sense of achievement. The reviews keep on getting featured by the editors so I am aiming for 100 consecutive featured articles and more. Currently, there are about forty-two articles published, mostly film reviews of older works. My hub is steady with people visiting every week and what matters is that someone is reading the work and I trust getting something out of it.

Research project Number one

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This is very much my baby in that I have been working it since 2018 and have made good progress. It is a movie research project in terms of evaluating yearly releases and picking the ones to review. I also signal out the wholesome ones as well as identifyimng films of interest. This has all been self-directed and independent. There have been no outside influences except from family’s input.

Research project Number two

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Music is the focus here and is coming along well and rough edges are being smooted over in the research method. The intent is to identify those albums that resonate on some level with me, which others have said is selfish, but is not selfish at all as I intend to review them with a view to bring a perspective. I also look for albums that, while not resonating, may have some worth in some way.

Devotional backburner

While all that is going on, I have steadily accrued a number of devotions for publication or submission.

The nub

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One gets the felling to get on with it and time is always on the edge of no returning, but one moves on, gets it done in due course, and aims to do a good job of it. One does have other lives. Meanwhile, there is an email that I have been meaning to reply to and a human bulldozer to attend to…


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