The word ‘beggar’ in my mind

Today they have all sorts of words for what was called ‘beggar’. Maybe ‘beggar’ sounds undignified, and homeless more appropriate, but I found the word beggar explained my experience best in my encounter with someone. I just understood. Maybe this is due to my background, in that the word beggar was roughley used all the time to mean someone who asked you for money on the street. Well, today, I had no spare change, but couldn’t help think of Saint Peter’s encounter with a ‘beggar’ as the Bible called one, where Peter had something to offer the man. I wished I could have too, today. I walked by with my head down as I had nothing to give, but only my words, and I did not speak. I felt for the man, wondering what’s happening in this part of the world. Was he desperate? There was quite a shame being a beggar.


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