I should watch this movie and I did, something that promised a Christian flick

6 Below

Released October 13, 2017

6 Below is the true story of Eric LeMarque’s ordeal in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Western United States. This movie is based on LeMarque’s book relaying his experience on the mountain ranges, written with Davin Seay, called Crystal Clear.

Eric LeMarque is portrayed as having a drug problem and has stopped playing ice hockey although he is good. Eric’s mother, Susan LeMarque – played by an ill cast Mira Sorvino, who looks young enough to play Eric’s wife – shows her disapproval of his carefree lifestyle (although she genuinely cares for him it is revealed later).

Not caring about what his mother thinks, Eric goes ‘joyriding’ on the mountain ranges in the Sierra Nevada, to be free and do what he likes.

When he goes snowboarding on the mountains, he takes the difficult path and gets lost. What follows is a survival story in the snow, but one where he takes stock of his life. The story of the man and what happened to him after his mountainous ordeal is one of those stories about events that can change people for the better played for inspirational effect. From a Christian perspective this is great. There are a few biblical references and images that Christian audiences will like.

Other points:

  • The story gains momentum after the point something significant happens to LeMarque (Josh Harnett).
  • The lack of profanity was good because we didn’t get a barrage of swear words.
  • Unfortunately, the survival part of the story isn’t that well done. There is a stock of one-dimensional reactions to the cold, being in danger, and suffering with frostbite.

What really flattens the story are the heavy-handed climatic scenes. A lighter touch there would have been more effective.

Starring: Josh Harnett, Mira Sorvino, Sarah Dumont, Jason Cottle, Kale Culley. Screenplay: Madison Turner. Director: Scott Waugh.

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers


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