I was listening to this in my car–twice, back in the day

All Out

The Winans

Released August 24, 1993

A PICK FROM 1993. Michael, Marvin, Carvin and Ronald are The Winan brothers, vocalists on this their eighth studio album. It is gospel, soul, and R&B music.

All Out is a polished production, but this wasn’t what tipped me over the edge to give it a thumbs up. The final track did that— “He Said Go” is about telling others the good news but also about being surprised by God’s grace. “If you don’t believe, just ask her”, referring to the sinful woman who is released by God’s grace so she can “sin no more” rather than be condemned. She indeed went with the good news in her heart.

Therefore, a worthy album, with other meaningful moments, but “He Said Go” topped the lot. Though the album hits the low keys a few times, there are still the winners.

Palatable is “Tradewinds” a song about the signs of the time, and heart pumping good are “All You Ever Been Was Good” and “Money Motive”. There are good themes on “Love Will Never Die”.

Although I give this album a favourable review, there are some things I can’t review in a good light. About half the album lacks truth. I mean, we may not receive something back when working on our faith if all we’re expecting is a payday. ‘You are heaven’ is a misreading of the ‘Kingdom of God is within you’, on “It’s Not Heaven If You’re Not There”; the rapture doctrine is controversial on “If He Doesn’t Come Tonight”; “That Extra Mile” seems to put self in the middle rather than God.  On the surface “Heaven Belongs to You” seems that we will all get to heaven. But I couldn’t believe they would be saying that, so the song is a bit vague to me. Yet there is a subtle hint there is more to this song than meets the eye, such as we are created for heaven and God’s presence which sounds much better.

Overall, this is a soul album. Earnest vocals comes through. There are no false pretences here. It all clearly comes from the soul, and this only enhances the album.

Note: On the sleeve note, R. Kelly produced three tracks on this album in 1993, “Payday”, “That Extra Mile” and “All You’ve Ever Been Was Good”

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers


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