A difference between progressive and orthodox teaching

Is it true–that one can still worship God in hell? It based on a verse in the Bible where one reads into the verse without the context. The verse being that “if I made my abode in the depths, you would still be there”. Which means, they claim, God’s presence can still be felt in hell and so God can be worshipped.

A pastor has said he would still worship God if he went to hell. I thought I wouldn’t. No one in hell has testified to this as no one has come back to tell us and it is not true in the Bible which is the Christian’s book. Even a casual reading of the Bible shows otherwise.

There was something wrong with that statement of faith. The orthodox preacher would say God cannot be worshipped in hell because one is separated from God in hell.

The belief that one can worship God in hell is also taken from the verse “Nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ.” Now, this verse used that way is completely out of context.

Besides, how can you worship God in hell when his presence is not there? Hell is the domain of evil. One may come back to the verses taken out of context to explain that.

On hearing this, one just realises that something is wrong with the idea. One’s witness to the faith is elsewhere–in the theology that hell is separation from God which makes much better sense.

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