Understanding conservative art

There was once a Baptist pastor I knew who a gentleman was. He showed me how conservative Christians, or orthodox Christians, would construe art. He wasn’t teaching me, but I picked it up in our conversation once.

A conservative is concerned about how things are represented. This can be people as well. So, the piece of art I showed him required a bit of tweaking so that the correct image was seen and did not transgress established orthodoxy or belief. If there was some confusion, then it should be clearer, and clear in the sense that it does not contradict what’s right and correct.

So, conservative, or Christian conservative works of art have parameters. One I suspect is free to draft or draw things up, but the final product must be representative of the conservative view.

The subject may be conservative leaning, but it may also be free, as long as the final product is seen to be representative.

All this is eye opening in understanding Christian conservative art and pieces. If one were to write a screenplay from this basis, one must know how to do it effectively.


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