When “spontaneous combustion” does or does not work

Whenever I post something about my writing in difference to general things about the writer’s life, I try to also produce some thought about writing. So, I attempt to do that again here, with my latest writing movements.

I am writing devotions and the old draft of the one I reopened wasn’t as good as I expected. I changed it more to my satisfaction. If you’ve read the first drafts of Star Wars you may understand or at least I do as I have just compared the older stories of Star Wars with the finished script. It was amazing. I was so surprised to see the dearth in the original drafts compared to the later ones. That is, I am afraid the way it is, but sometimes first drafts can be so inspired that they appear perfect, perhaps not with screenplays so much yet it happens apparently.

Therefore, writing isn’t instantaneous most times. It takes its time. This isn’t new, But I often wondered why. There must be an answer in science, physics.

But I also find that writing can be fast and spontaneous and, in that form, sounds acceptable as it is. It’s just the applied conscious mind taking over, and the material works.

So, in sum, writing can be slow and conscious, but also it can be written fast and alive with life in an acceptable form. I think with the more spontaneous writing that works it all depends on how the mind jells with the subject at hand at the time. Sometimes, it just works straight away and is immensely satisfying when it does.


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