The power of love reflects God

Celine Dion’s The Power of Love is a catalyst for remembering the trinity. God in three persons gets misunderstood, but Celine Dion’s powerful song The Power of Love helped me grapple with the essence of the trinity or the godhead.

I was listening to the opening track of her Colour of Love album from 1993. The song was the one I’ve already mentioned. Of course, as I was listening to the song, I was thinking about this beautiful, powerful love between a man and a woman, as Celine articulated in song. Then I wondered, doesn’t love comes from God? Yes. In that moment, I saw that the three persons in the trinity relate to each other in an unbroken bond of love. This, I think, recalled what a pastor said to explain the essence between the trinity years ago. The song was a memory booster. In fact, with the song, I understood the trinity more vividly.

The trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit exist in equality and harmony together, three-in-one. But what joins them? They are joined by spirit and love. Love originally comes from God as love was there from the start—between the three persons of the trinity. Somebody told us this years ago, but I recalled it while listening to the Power of Love. Why is there this power of love between a man and a woman – as sung in that song – because the power of love was given to us, from God in eternity.

The love between God is a divine love and because people have the divine marks they somehow – spiritually – have indwelled in them the capacity to love. In God, and the godhead, love is never broken. There is a union of love in the trinity. That is why people, who are made like God, marry. Marriage is a union.

God’s unbroken love in three persons is pure. But between humans the power of love can become broken and tarnished. I would explain this as the effects of the Fall. But the power of love in humans is still present as an ever-present reality, that’s part of our nature. The Celine Dion song compliments Charlie Peacock’s Christian song There Was Love. “Love as I know has always existed…Always was and always will be.”

By Peter Veugelaers.


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