Back in 1998: at the Oscars, would it be night of “Titanic”?

Oscar mania

Circa 1998. Within the typical Hollywood environment of movie deals and money making comes an event that pats the best filmmakers and artists that year on the back. It seems innocent enough. It’s all about celebrating, partying down, and giving out awards (and some artists really do deserve them). Because of this glamorous night Oscar winners are certain to accrue more money from moviegoers to go into producers’ accounts. It is really an advertisement to one billion people worldwide. It’s the Oscars.

The 70th Academy Awards was held at Los Angeles on March 24 with the biggest blockbuster of all time, Titanic, making more records by equaling Ben Hur’s haul of eleven Oscars. Titanic took best picture and director as well as nine technical awards. Jack Nicholson won his third Oscar as best actor as a homophobic, obsessive compulsive in As Good as It Gets. Jack’s acting companion in the same film, Helen Hunt, won best actress. Robin Williams won best supporting actor for Good Will Hunting.

By Peter Veugelaers.

Published 1998, GiveWay magazine.




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