On the home front

In terms of writing this week, there is action on the home front, after a period of mostly exploring reviewing and referencing and researching films.

Since 2017 I went into reviewing on blogs of mine with a positive attitude, to accentuate the positive of a film if relevant rather than out right reject a film because of moral considerations for example. I started with Brazil and Desperately Seeking Susan which took my fancy as films.

But I found a nagging conscience keeping up with me. As Bono sang in one of U2’s songs, a conscience can be a pest. Conscience in terms of doing the right thing. But mostly it was a thought of dread of having supported a film that contained something ‘nasty’.

I don’t know why I thought this when at other times reviewing past, I never had the thought.

But one of my editors may have suggested the notion of reviewing with ‘gut’ feeling, which contradicted writing religiously, but I was exploring the realms myself in “thinking outside the box” back in 1998 and further on. Yet conscience caught up with me as well.

Is religion this stringent force against pleasure in reviewing? But it was really between myself, and God and I wanted to please God who I believed would not be pleased with his name blasphemed in various scenes although in his mercy would still be good to even those who did.

Wouldn’t God show his mercy to me in reviewing as I liked? Then again, these days, it’s been between me and God and after some thought and reflection.

So, I have been, on certain impressions, deleting reviews I have been publishing at some time, that I thought weren’t right in some moral or other way. It is about coming down on a right way of writing it (which goes against the current climate in the writing community) which may sit better with my conscience, as there was a time when I didn’t watch films and avoided them.  But I sought to do something unconsciously Christian with them.

I am now aware of only publishing reviews that reflect more of my Christian sensibility.

Meanwhile, I have been working on writing devotions from the Bible, starting with the first book, Genesis. So, there has been other action here on the writing front recently, as well as thinking about continuing my work or what may be a memoir just because I want to finish it.


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