The spiritual life is an answer to being ‘left behind’

What’s on my mind devotionally this week is a verse of scripture that is in the gospel. Jesus said: “Better to enter into life maimed than to have you whole body thrown into hell.”

The spiritual life Jesus offers is also an antidote to feeling left behind in life.

But first, what does Jesus mean that we enter life by being maimed? By maimed Jesus seems to say in context that people must cut off their sins, severe them out of their lives in a manner of speaking.

It does not mean being harmed in any way physically, but it means getting rid of the sins that work against the spirit of life and salvation. If we do, we can enter a new level of life, spiritually. This may be heaven, but it could be in the Spirit as well.

The verse also occurred to me in a new way. There is no shame is feeling maimed, personally speaking. If one feels off balance or disconnected and is somehow feeling lost, one may describe this as feeling maimed, of having been cut off from something.

One may feel disconnected from mainstream life but also feel peace, have quite an idyllic mindset and think in tranquil terms. There is no shame in feeling left behind if we also have peace and a sense of life and so we don’t really care if we are left behind.


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