Children reviewing films

Can a child review entertainment? We were asked to review Gandhi. Gandhi is a “mature” film, but the kids wanted to watch E.T. and The Dark Crystal. But could we have reviewed those fantasy films let alone Gandhi and reviewed them effectively? It can be done, by some.

Some students just relayed the story and did not even get the details right. The teacher told them, “Tell me why you like it or not”.

Yet reviewing tells your reader why they would want to see it and why you liked it. Even if you didn’t like it tell them why they would like it. This wasn’t the prescription the teacher gave us. It is the prescription for professional reviewers. We were simply told to say why we liked it or not. Tell someone why. This can be the hard part. Would a child know how to articulate it? And then reason it out. Some can do this well.

I wondered how I would review Star Wars if I were seven years old or a bit older, somewhere around that age. I would have tried. But if I reviewed Star Wars now, I would have memories of the time I first saw the film. Personally, I wouldn’t want to ignore any emotional attachment I had to the film, but I would seek to recall the experience and come out with the truth, even if an emotional truth. But reviewing this film as a child, I don’t know. Now I would have an idea.


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