Agent orange, liberty, and self-redemption

The lengths one goes to for self-redemption and to be loved. Film diary # 3, 1986/1987.

“Streets of Gold” told a tale of self-redemption and what may be revenge as well in the boxing world. Hungarian actor Klaus Maria Brandaeur, straight from “Out of Africa”, played the fighter/coach at the center.

“A Street to Die” dealt with the much-discussed subject at the time of Agent Orange, a chemical used by Americans in the Vietnam War which can cause cancer. The discussion was centered on compensation for victims.

What lengths will unloved people go to be loved? And is it the right way to go? Is there a better way? “Zuckerbaby” ala “Sugar Baby” put the genuinely warm actress Marianne Sagebrecht in the center and title role.

“Sweet Liberty” showed how one’s spectators and observers take one’s efforts seriously. A bit of a spectator sport, isn’t it?


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