The lives of others

It occurred to me as I heard the cricket say he was about to write his memoirs, in the animated film Pinocchio, that I also had been writing my memoirs in something I had been writing and mulling over.

I considered what I was writing a creative way of expressing a promising idea taken from my life, but I hadn’t decided on it being a memoir, until that moment watching the movie.

It is a big story of course as is any memoir. There is always a sense of epic to authoring your story. But I was going undercover without deciding it is a memoir, but this is what it is.

But the cricket in that film saw the lives of those around him as well and started to write about their lives. This indeed is what experienced writer can be doing. Instead of writing about himself, write about the lives of others, because your reader is that ‘other’ as well as the lives of your characters.

This indeed changes my perception towards my fiction and that memoir I was writing undercover. Just think about the other when I write fiction and don’t write down your own experiences.


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