New venture

My experience at Vocal has been good thus far though there are some teething problems which are being sorted but nothing major as in major. I found my first article, before I submitted to the editors, prompted me to write to a certain word count and I found this good as it enabled me to try a little harder, think a little harder, and improve the article overall. If they accept the piece, I will be submitting more, until there comes a point that I should stop writing there for some reason, but for now, all is good.

I hope to publish my reviews and articles there, old and new, and keep this blog you are on now as a place of more note-orientated work, such as what’s happening, brief thoughts on books I am reading and pictures I am seeing, etc. More conversational, I hope. Unfortunately, my investment in Vocal means I am maintaining this blog for free rather than a paid plan. I had reservations about this, but I post links to my articles at Vocal for anyone who so wishes to read.


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