Not the ‘literary types’

I am pleased to introduce FRAGMENTS OF WRITING, a new category…

The man wasn’t servile, he was arrogant, behaving in such a way as to throw his authority around. The words that came out his mouth showed his superiority. He was a walking dictionary, and everyone just groaned when he produced another word, as if he knew better about words than everyone else. And some thought he did know better, at least when it came to management. But when it came to words, he was a showoff, as if that degree he got in English meant he really desired to be somewhere else and not the place he was at. He really wanted to be a writer in residence. They joked that they wished he would become a writer and leave them alone with his attempts at showing off his literary skills. They all felt sorry for him. But these were workers and not the ‘literary types’ of which he was fond of…

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