Expanding the vocabulary–why?

I love looking up unfamiliar words and finding out what they mean. But what’s the point? It may feel like a pointless exercise.

For me, a word I had looked up and found the meaning of, I will know how to understand it next time I come across it, and I add to my vocabulary a word I can use in my writing. And one only enriches their vocabulary by looking up unfamilair words.

For a writer expanding the vocabulary seems essential practice, as a writer’s tools are words, and used in the right measure.

Understanding how to use a word is just as important as knowing what it means. Knowing the meaning or meanings of a word helps one know how better to use it in speech and in writing.

Consciously applying how to use words in communication events can be a fun exercise in being an effective communicator. Effective communication helps and knowing how to use words are the bread and butter of effective communication.


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