Genesis chapter one: God and creation

MEDITATION. I heard someone say where is God in today’s world which has gone to custard? If God was the creator, has he left us now? Is God an absent landlord?

Looking at how God created the world according to Genesis chapter one, shows God made an investment in creating the world like a caring father makes an investment in attending to his sons and daughters. Why would God change?

God has not suddenly changed. God cannot be double minded. When God made a commitment to the world, he sticks to it.

God has not abandoned today’s world with its problems and issues, the needs of the poor and has not forgotten how the mighty squander their wealth when it could be put to better cause.

Yet, in my view, the world has been put in place with gravity. God works with what’s there. God has given the responsibility of looking after the world to us. Do we dare say yes to this?

God has taken a risk in making a world by giving the people a responsibility to care for it. God gave a command to his people to take care of the earth and keep it in hand so that it does not get out of control.

The earth today looks out of control, but God gave the people the responsibility for it. God bent down and told us to do a decent job in which we are accountable to God. It is up to us. By listening to God and doing his will, as it is in heaven.

In this broken world, God has even helped us in the task of looking after the earth by showing us the way through the teaching and life of Jesus. Jesus gives his Spirit, the helper. Therefore, God can help us in doing what is required.


By Peter Veugelaers

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