The non-musician might do

Listening post for October 15-October 22. 1972. 1982. 1992. 2002. 2012. October 14-20, 2022. Good music which I feel I don’t have the patience for and instinctive music which compromises my principles and becomes suffocating.

As well, there’s nice, pleasant music which does not resonate. Unfortunately, it does not sound that good. In 2002, Tracy Chapman was sounding a little two-note and Jason Mraz overdone, but I had to pause on Mraz’s ‘The Remedy’. He sings “I won’t worry my life away” …it will make you stop and listen. It is one of those ‘make a statement with all of your heart’ songs like “You Get What You Give” and “A Good Heart”.

Others are business as usual, a little low-key in other words while 2012 music is fading fast from my senses…Maybe I am getting older…to find the album that is ‘just right’ in 2022, perhaps Brian Eno the non-musician would fit the bill. Do I need “Quality Over Opinion” by Louis Cole. There’s more happiness at the end of the tunnel, there. Essential empties, maybe? Need some waking up…MATA should do. Do I need a Christmas album, yet? Good starts fizzle.


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