The music I listen to should move me at the level of soul

At the listening post for albums released between October 7-October 14. 1972. 1982. 1992. 2002. 2012. 2022.

I’m really looking for music that moves me at the level of soul, it does not have to be soul music exclusively, but any music that moves my soul.

Or it could sound good to my ear, but what I mean by that, is that it just doesn’t sound well done, it resounds.

What passes for 1972 music this week does not fit the bill, unfortunately. This week in 1982 came on strong in rock and the soul album just didn’t jell with me. 1992 fared no better.

2002 was a bit better with Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s The Last DJ but the railing was stronger than the music. 2012 was dead-beat.

In terms of 2022 Christian music this week, a lot of it is spirited, some gentle. I felt the Christian music I listened to this week had a different spirit to it and found some highlights here. It really reached into my soul. The other Christian music that didn’t resonate with me much personally, I still believe that someone will get something from it, as music or content, or both. However, one or two made me feel sick. This week overall a couple of Christian albums is my personal picks.


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