Humans and creatures existing side by side

Genesis 1:20-31: God created the creatures of the sea and the earth, and then God created human beings in God’s likeness.

I look at this passage and see that God does not let the creatures roam and the human beings to exist by them uninvolved. I see that humans and creatures are always in relationship somehow. In this, God does not take for granted how we interact, be that creature to creature, human being to creature and human to human.

In today’s passage, relationships are especially important to God and vital in creation. How would I relate to an animal I saw in trouble? How would we? And how do we relate to our fellows?

Sometimes, a fellow human is on my mind when I should have acted immediately with that person. But I intend to act later. Actions are so important, and timing can be crucial, but I forgive myself that later, while not ideal, is still meaning I haven’t forgotten.



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