To present advice in a way “that is cool and appealing to young people”

Launch of ‘alternative’ youth magazine

2002. In Manchester, UK, an alternative young people’s magazine was launched, which is especially geared towards those in the Church.

On June 20, Jam Magazine was delivered to the greater public at a Christian skate park. The host was Girl International’s Dawn Reynolds, with performances from The Tribe, thebandwithnoname, dj Matty H and breakdancers, and there were plenty of sideshows including skateboarders and graffiti artists.

“We just want to be an alternative to all the other ‘jelly mould’ mags out there”, editor Gemma Warrington says.

“When young people read something repeatedly it becomes acceptable and sometimes it contradicts the teaching they are getting at Church. I have experienced this, and it becomes very confusing.”

Jam Magazine is endorsed by The Message band, Youth Alive, The Tribe, Delirious, and Furious, to name but a few. They are being distributed throughout the United Kingdom and after two months of operation are receiving orders from the United States and India. Their aim is to get Jam into mainstream bookshops in the UK. Ms Warrington explains that in Manchester the Message Trust works within the inner city by planting Christians to live in the communities and to work in the schools. The crime rate has subsequently decreased, she says, and many people have “come to know the Lord”.

“There are many young people on fire for God in the UK”, she says.

Jam Magazine wishes to address the problems in the UK, like under-aged sex and drugs, by openly discussing them.

“There is no point in ignoring them or brushing them under the carpet. We will be honest about the problems and give them advice from a ‘heavenly perspective’.

We aim to base all our advice on that of God, but to present it in a way that is cool and appealing to the young people today. Just because it is safe advice doesn’t mean it has to be geeky.”


Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers.

Published 2002, Challenge Weekly.


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