Another week of songs

August 21st—August 28th, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012. The session opened with Neil Diamond’s Heartlight which was a beautiful way to begin the session, but the next song on the album fell short in my estimation.

The Christian music of the period I was covering was a mix of sounding off or getting it exactly right but in terms of getting me involved it failed to register, however there were some good lyrics here or there. Even so, there was Chain of Grace by Dallas Holm an acceptable album of gospel/evangelistic songs and Chris August’s The Upside of Down, a mild album with a stunning opening track but which failed to continue the momentum. I have reviewed these on this blog.

1992 had some bubble gum pop from Roxette, just imagine a parody of rock n roll from the 1950s. Not my cup of tea. Sugababes start their 2002 album in the vein of Are My Friends Electric it’s the hookiest the album gets. Ten years later, Rita Ora produced her debut album and Matchbox Twenty were milder among other bands banging a mix of heavy tracks. They were certainly no Heartlight.

August 18th—August 28th, 2022, this week had a lot of music that to me did not reach the heights but gravitated sort-of just below, above average. Even remixes of popular dance music are sounding a truffle overdone and the new Lord of the Rings a dim reflection of its former self, being Peter Jackson’s version of the Lord of the Rings in 2003. The soundtrack pales in comparison.


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