A quiet week

Album releases for the week of Aug 13th – Aug 20th 

For the years 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012.

And Aug 12th – Aug 17th, 2022.

Dates will be more consistent overall next time.

The week’s findings: Christian contemporary music (CCM) with that beat sound should not be discouraged if the content and music work together to help someone in their faith in Jesus. I personally have grown tired of the CCM beat sound but would not review an album with that sound negatively if the content were good. But wasn’t Christian pop sounding terrible ala Jump 5? One must make an exception sometimes.

For my personal purposes, this week I have found no Christian music that resonates with me, but some of the lyrics are challenging, good, and inspiring.

“Avoid a man who talks too much” is what I wouldn’t say, but to gossips I would take heed. The first track of Buddy Guy and Junior Wells’ Play the Blues (1972) was called Man of Many Words which I found had strong voice, but the song otherwise did not resonate.

I could not dance to Take That and Party (1992). This was not heaven. Eric Clapton’s Unplugged (1992) was tidy, neat, and laid-back, but the song Layla resonated.

The Magnificent (2002), by DJ Jazzy Jeff, wasn’t great although I don’t mind if you like this album. I didn’t appreciate the four-letter words, though.

Alison Moyet and James Taylor were keeping on going in 2002 and I know who has the soulful voice here, the rest of the music did not give me much of a rise. And Owl City just did not press my buttons from their album in 2012.

Overall, there is nothing for me here personally this week bar some good if not great content in CCM.


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