Sitting down with a Bible teacher: “Jesus Christ is the only relevant issue, churches are not”

Unique man with a unique message

2000. Bible teacher and author Charles W. ‘Chuck’ Missler is described on his ministry website, Koinonia House (, as a “unique man with a unique message”.

Mr. Missler was speaking throughout New Zealand over the Easter period and beyond.

Mr Missler’s church Calvary Chapel is “non-denominational and very fundamental” where he taught the Bible for almost thirty years.

It was through a personal and business crisis that Mr Missler was encouraged by Bible teacher Hal Lindsay to take his part-time Bible teaching into a full-time ministry.

Now, Mr Missler’s teaching cannot only be heard on his well-received and followed Radio Rhema programme 66/40, but on the internet as well.

“More and more of what we are doing is broadcast and through the Internet. Increasingly our following is on the Internet. is the largest and most popular Christian website on the Internet,” he says.

His message has always been, “to get people to take the Bible seriously”. Their primary mission and whole focus, he says, is for people to get into the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

It is his third visit to New Zealand and this time he is with his family. He started his speaking tour on Easter Sunday in Auckland followed by meetings in Wellington and Christchurch and an appearance on Canterbury’s Freedom TV.

In Wellington, he obtained a long-term business visa from the Department of Immigration which allows him and his family to extend the Koinonia House ministry to New Zealand.

If all goes to plan, it will take a “couple of years” to convince the New Zealand Government that Koinonia Ministry is profitable.

The aim is to create a primary support base for the ministry and headquarter it in New Zealand.

Now, the New Zealand arm of his ministry operates through Calvary Chapel, Auckland.

He says they have three servers in the USA, with potentially one in New Zealand and Europe, and they can link them all by satellite.

“We’re involved in some major satellite programmes. Increasingly our ministry is geographically independent.

“We aspire to meet with the [New Zealand] Prime Minister about some of our satellite projects and some other things, and they are very profound for New Zealand. I am not at liberty to get into that.”

Electronic media resources have further enhanced Chuck Missler’s mission. They publish commentaries on CD-ROM and PDF text format, which cuts the costs in half.

Mr. Missler intends to provide increased resources on the internet free of charge.

He believes the Body of Christ [the Church] is rediscovering the Word of God, to anchor its beliefs in the Word of God, not experience.

However, he says there are many elements of the Body of Christ, which are excessively relying on waves of fad, experiential fads, instead of anchoring in the Word of God.

“Churches that are prospering and are healthy and are having real answers to real problems are Churches that anchor their activities in the Word of God itself.”

Of Biblical prophecy, Mr Missler believes a lot of prophecy is being fulfilled. Parts of the book of Revelation are taking place and other parts of that book are for the future. He points to world events as examples of this: Israel is back in the land, there is a dispute over Jerusalem (Zechariah 12), impending invasion in the Middle East, a rise of a superstate in Europe, and the rise of China.

“People who have done their homework in prophetic scenarios believe we are living in a critical time”.

Mr Missler says his new book, Cosmic Codes, includes but is not limited to the Bible. “Most people writing about Bible codes have a cryptography background. They also confine their attention to what is called eqi-distance letter sequences. There are only three chapters on that in our book.

“Everybody writing in this area has no cryptography background. We have a substantial background in that area.

“Cosmic Codes has emerged as the definitive book on the cosmic code, not just the Bible codes, but also includes discussions on DNA and the digital universe.

“We highlight the characteristics of an extra-terrestrial language. There are attributes to the Biblical texts that are startling and tend to authenticate the supernatural, extra-terrestrial origin of the Bible.”

A former executive, Mr Missler, believes technology has created a leisure class. “Economic and technological progress has been staggering. It’s only in a brief period that we travel at the speed of sound and communicate at the speed of light.

“From a moral point of view, it’s the worst of times. From a technological and prosperity point of view it’s the best of times”.

What about Y2K? Some were predicting doom and gloom on January 1, 2000, but the apparent lack of trouble didn’t take Mr Missler by surprise.

“The good news is that there wasn’t a synchronization of problems to create an infrastructure clash.

“There were lots of problems, but they weren’t recorded in the media or radio or public relations liaisons.

“A lot of things happened that the general media didn’t follow.

“The good news is that no one was hurt, and the preparations are to be applauded.

“It’s not a question of being right or wrong, it’s a question of did the facts justify being prepared.”

In response to the greatest thing, he has learnt in his ministry Mr Missler emphatically says that Jesus Christ is the only relevant issue, churches are not.

By Peter Veugelaers.

Published in 2000 by Challenge Weekly.

Author’s note: Chuck Missler has since died, in May 2018. Koinonia House has a New Zealand office in the Bay of Plenty and is still on the web at




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