Pilots are on an adventure, but is there more to it?

LIFE. I’ve been reflecting on pilots this week. Some pilots are quite lonely people I assume. They may not be either. But they are on an adventure.

They have the responsibility of managing gadgets on their plane or craft, keeping cargo on board, and making sure passengers are safe. During Covid there was less flying the friendly skies so less work for the pilots, but this spurred them to overcome.

Of course, pilots come in all shapes and forms, but I am thinking about transport. Getting a person or something from A to B.

And I am thinking about veteran pilots who have been solo for a long time. They may have never married. But they may have friends and companions.

They are professionals and adventurers.

And I wonder: was there something else about being a pilot? Was it because they wanted a better life? To find something more out there? In another place or world? The good life? Did they want to fill the solar plexus with the eternal flame that is in the sky or find peace in an exotic place?

The adventure. To simply live life an adventure. But is there more to it?

I would like to put up a thought and prayer for the pilots, especially the solo ones.

Pilots are in the eternal fabric we call life who are cared for by God. Thoughts with them.

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