Poetry and me

I was reluctant to headline this post the way it is, as it may sound too selfie. But poetry interests many people so it’s the poetry that counts here. Then I ask, how do I intersect with poetry?

I love stringing words together in poetical ways. My ideal is to aim for a sense of eloquence in delivery like words rolling off the page and sounding resonant. But this takes time and practice, and poetry is something I don’t normally do as a writer.

To get to the ideal standard, I must practice and learn the technique of poetry, but writing a professional piece of poetry takes time, unless one is a ‘natural’ at poetry.

But I have a desire to be poetical, so to get my words out in poetry, I takes the uncomplicated way and go free verse. This has at time produced some nice well-rounded stuff. Other times, I am not so impressed with my work.

The times my free verse poetry works, is when there is some well roundedness to the words or a resonance. It just all comes together on the day and sits well.

There is more to do and learn for another time. In the meantime, I write what comes easy in poetry for me…free verse.

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