The second edition of The International Bible Commentary, an update

AMREADING. As well as my other readings, I’ve been looking into The New International Bible Commentary. The first edition was released in 1979. This second edition is part of Zondervan’s Understand the Bible Reference Series.

What’s different? The basic text used is changed from the Revised Standard Version to the New International Version (NIV).

What is it? A commentary is a verse by verse or chapter by chapter-by-chapter detailed analysis.

What do I think so far? My impression of this commentary is that it is using quotations from the Today’s New International Bible (TNIV; 2005), which, according to the Wikipedia article on this Bible, has changed wordings in several places to give a much more modern application. For me, at the stage I am at in my understanding, this loses much of the original sense. I don’t know if they have made the TNIV the basis for the commentary, but there is mention of keeping up to date.

Conclusion: I will continue reading the commentary and drawing on its insights although I have a lost a little faith in this book for the reason mentioned as well as flowery text at times which makes for reading that requires more time.

Overall, I am finding you get a different interpretation of a biblical text wherever one may turn, from Bruce Waltke’s exegesis and interpretation of Genesis chapter one to this commentary in my hand.  One needs to be a scholar for a definitive study of the original language of the Bible, so we rely on those who have done that. All I do is make a judgment call with the information provided of what seems best.


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