Reading through The Archives

The Star Wars Archives Episodes IV-VI

Paul Duncan


509 pages, hardback

AMREADING. The Star Wars Archives is about the making of the first three Star Wars films. Film historian Paul Duncan interviews the creators and cast and crew to create a narrative of the making of the films as well as include developmental material such as from first drafts of screenplays. There are plenty of photos.

I have finished reading about the first episode which for me was a revelation of how much arduous work goes into making a film. It made me consider in my circumstances if I would be willing to pour myself into making a film and be a part of the film industry. I gave a resounding answer.

My reading of the book at this moment is notable for the explanation of the “Force” in the films. Although there has been various Christian analysis on the themes, as expected the Force has nothing to do with the Church or Christian religion at its core. I went away realizing that Star Wars could not be regarded as a “Christian” film. Although there are themes and subtleties that collate to Christian faith, there is not at the heart of the films, the faith.

The heart of the Star Wars philosophy it seems has to do with the primal “energy” of good and evil and the eventual resting place of these forces. It isn’t orthodoxly Christian, and I was right to call it New Age in a former review. Even so, one may still ‘Christianize’ the themes of Star Wars superficially, even reinvent it from a Christian perspective, and from a storytelling perspective Star Wars is interesting always.

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