Encouraging prayer across nations

And some came from across the ditch

2007. An intercessor encouraged New Zealanders to get involved supporting Australian Christians in praying for their country at the National Solemn Assembly in Canberra.

Ruth Olsen is part of a prayer network that links the New Zealand and Australian Lutheran Churches, a co-leader in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand prayer summits for the last three years and is leader of City Intercessors in Palmerston North.

Intercessors for New Zealand had been promoting the Assembly through their newsletter.

Ruth Olson, as she was.

Mrs Olsen had been encouraging intercessors, who are part of her email address listings, to engage in prayer preparation for the Assembly and passing onto Australian Lutherans emails relating to the assembly.

“I believe that it is good to build networks across national boundaries, as ultimately it’s about building the Lord’s kingdom, not our own.”

In regard to the prayer needs of the Lutheran Church in New Zealand, she is encouraging people in each congregation to pray according to their local situations and any “wider things the Spirit prompts them to pray over”.

City Intercessors’ brief is to pray for the salvation for all in Palmerston North, the health of the church and specific requests from the Christian Leader’s Association. As well, they pray regularly for the secular leadership of the city and the unity of the church and individual church leaders.

By Peter Veugelaers.

Published 2007, Challenge Weekly


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