Stuck on time

I got my coffee and wish time would stop because it is National Gormet Coffee Day. I would go home to have dinner, but since it’s Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day I don’t go home. My wife is trying to replace her fad diet with a real one and I want Gormet burgers with my coffee. Just imagine it if I went home. For a start, I can’t even cook my own meal…

My brother is a lousy cook. He’s always tired. He needs a good cook. 

But it’s Peking Duck Day so we could go out for takeaways! So much for my wife’s Healthy Weight Week. 

But life is easier with Gourmet coffee up close and personal. I don’t have to do anything. It is 4.02pm. But I wish time would stop. There was fifty-eight minutes to go before the family will wonder if I am lost, but I wasn’t thinking too far ahead. Even when the barrister said, “Something special today” and handed me my coffee, I wasn’t thinking about what could happen at 5.00pm. I was thinking about my Gourmet coffee. 

Getting lost in gourmet.

Swimming in gourmet.

Dying for gourmet.

Life is good with gourmet.

On National Gourmet Coffee Day. 


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