There’s a fly in my soup

The weather may have been the same, but not his coffee. The barrister slipped something extra special into his coffee today…

Photo by Angela Roma on

After a downpour of rain, he took a sip of his coffee, for consolation.

Photo by William Fortunato on

The coffee tasted finer than usual.

Photo by Spencer Selover on

So fine that something got stuck in his tooth…

Photo by Genaro Servu00edn on

It was all rather painful when he pulled it of his mouth. It couldn’t be the coffee. This was harder than coffee. Was it something in the coffee? It must have been!

Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis on

What came out his mouth was a bronze coated award! It was shaped like a man and shiny like brand new!

The man was upset and went back to the coffee shop.

Photo by cottonbro on

The barrister smiled and the man noticed he had a gold tooth.

Photo by Rachel Claire on

“Why is there a prize in my coffee?” The man was visibly angry.

The barrister replied, “What was the prize?”

“It was coated bronze.”

“You won something! When I first had coffee here, I got a gold tooth. See?”

Photo by Lisa on

The man looked around at everyone enjoying themselves, incensed.

“Do you mean to tell me, you serve gold and bronze?”


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

“I want my coffee, not gold or bronze!”

The barrister smiled and the man noticed his gold tooth. “It only happens once. It’s our introductory offer.”

“You mean to tell me, that your coffee is magic!”

“No. But it does have purifying powers.”


“You may wish to come back. All the other customers are happy.”

“I’m not one of them! I want real coffee!”

“That was more than real coffee. I slipped something extra in this time. Next time it will get back to boring normal. Would you like a loyalty card?”

Photo by mohamed abdelghaffar on

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