Enthusiasm builds for conference

‘God chaser’ coming

2001. Revivalist Tommy Tenney, author of the best-selling The God Chasers, told O.A.C. Ministries evangelist Tim Findlay that he was open to come to New Zealand after his tour of Australia this year. Their relationship was born when the American itinerant minister spent time in Nelson last year, where approximately two thousand people attended his conference.

Tim Findlay explained that Mr Tenney loves New Zealand and believes there is a real hunger for God like he has not seen in many other places in the world. Tommy Tenney will be speaking at the Raging Fire Conference on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September at Naenae College Auditorium in Lower Hutt, which is fifteen minutes north of Wellington City. Itinerant preacher and local church leader Kristen Williams and Pastor Chris Hayward, who serves on the staff of Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, U.S.A, will join him. Radio Rhema and World Vision are supporters of the conference and Harvest Conferences are facilitators.

Mr Findlay said he was really impressed with Tommy Tenney’s humility and his heart for God and his desire for people to encounter the living God.

“The phones have been running red hot,” said Mr. Findlay in response to the conference advertising.

“There is huge interest in the conference which is reflective of the hunger for God which is in our nation.

“We are getting people ringing up and I ask them, why are you coming? They said, I am hungry for God and want more. Many who have said that have broken down and wept.”

Mr Findlay said the conference is geared towards Christians. The hope is that they will be revived and come into a deeper relationship with God and the outflow being that they will be motivated to share their faith. The organizers are seeking to add to and enhance what God is doing in people’s lives already. The desired outcome is to become more like Christ and being more useful in the hand of God and for Christians to be mobilized to influence the world around them.

They want to equip people with practical keys of how to outlive this holy life and how to walk with God. Some of the subjects being raised are the power of regular repentance, how to influence those around us, and the things that put out the fire of our love relationship with God. The speakers are people who have grappled with these issues, said Mr Findlay.

Chris Hayward is executive director of Cleansing Stream Ministries, which teaches the basics of how a Christian can walk with God and Mr Findlay said that fitted in perfectly with the conference. Mr Findlay considers Kristen Williams a man who exudes a heart for God and an intense desire for revival and someone who is living it.

The message of Tommy Tenney is modelled more on how he lives than what he says.

“There seems to be a different dimension and depth to the words he uses as he explains what it is to have a hunger for God and to be a God chaser.”

By Peter Veugelaers.

Published 2001, Challenge Weekly


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