I was in the middle of watching a advertisement about sagging skin and the product they claimed would get rid of this ‘physical problem’ under the eyes. It seemed it would alleviate the emotional pain that came with having physical unattractiveness as well. That was never said, but isn’t feeling unattractive emotional? Then put the cream on again and again and make sure you get a good night’s sleep for good measure! That does not solve the emotional side of it.

I was hearing the reviews customers gave about the product and how it solved their problem. I always find reviews in advertisements a little if not a lot ingenuine. How can one prove the review is sincere in a format intended to promote a product? I guess some people feel this way about churches.

Maybe a kind of brand of church is the “God told me Jesus died to make you wealthy” and “Jesus was created” (assuming, so what about correct theology).

On another matter, another public and popular Christian ministry has come into disgrace. The article on this is here. Where it would seem to have been a brand in the end, very sorry to hear.

On another thing, I heard someone encouraging his parishioners to be mindful of reaching out to their friend, so their friend would become a ‘Catholic’, ideally, no pressure. I understand, but is this really espousing a brand of religion?

When I heard the world brand in the advertisement I was watching, I was reminded that churches can sometimes feel like a brand, a product.

Even so, churches can aid and help us worship God, assist us in living the life of faith, and offer support and encouragement, but as long as this helps us follow Jesus. So, why would they become a brand?

Yet, it can be the case that churches hold tightly to their traditions and even can form new traditions, but somehow along the way leave Jesus behind and even replace Jesus. They can become brands.

We don’t have to buy into a brand of church or religion with Jesus. Not the bells and whistles of a Christian religion itself, but becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus. Churches can or should help us in this.


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