‘Souls saved’ during pandemic – Zoom helped

Members of a Christian group in New Zealand have been spreading the faith. Through their efforts, some students have put their faith in Jesus Christ while others want to know more, during a year marked by the Covid19 pandemic.

In the New Zealand Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship magazine Canvas, there is an article on members of Massey University Christian Fellowship (MUCF) in Manawatu actively proselytizing their peers during the pandemic.

“God is opening the eyes of our student leaders to the power of the good news of Jesus.”

During lockdown, New Zealand Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship started a second outreach training group with Massey University Christian Fellowship students because the “interest was so high”.

However, at one point, there were not enough Christians to meet with those students willing to learn more about God and the Christian faith. Now, the eight students are meeting weekly for Bible study.

A new, weekly Explorer group on Zoom continued to study the Bible book of John during lockdown.

This online group, hosted by a Buddhist student from Vietnam and led by New Zealand’s Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship’s Scott Mackay, and a Masters student from China, included a Hindu student and a Chinese student.

On campus, the Christian faith was shared with a student who had a hunch there must be a God. The student is now attending weekly studies and is seriously considering the evidence for Christ.

Three others are meeting with Christian students to consider the faith.

“In August, two students came to faith in Christ. Despite the unusual happenings of this year, God continues to amaze with the way he is moving in the lives of students.”

By Peter Veugelaers.

Reported from an article in Canvas, TSCF’s magazine, issue 89, Summer 2020.


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